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...being on vacation, seeing notifications that you have a new payment for $197 or $1595 from someone purchasing your online course—while you were brunching on the beach, exploring street art, or sipping a coconut… 

That’s what happened to me. 

Course flops? Been there. No email list or following? Been there, too. I created my first online course in 2011, and I’ve been helping others launch their courses ever since. Today, I know what it takes to create & launch a profitable online course. Watch my #CourseFromScratch Masterclass to learn how to get out of your own way and get launched profitably in 60 days. 
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“Danielle helped me turn my blog into a course and make over $70,000 from my launch. When we started, I had only 200 people on my email list, and now I have 2100 email subscribers and 50% open rates!” 

- Tara Reed, Founder of Apps Without Code
“Danielle helped me 3x the price of my course. I did $12,000 on my first launch, and that was to a very small list. I gathered awesome testimonials and did a $20,000 launch a few months later! Most importantly, I regained my quality of life."

- Anna Rakoczy, Founder of The Homemade Method™
Meet your Course Launch Coach
Danielle Leslie
Hello! I’m Danielle Leslie, and I founded Culture Add™ Labs to help companies and individuals uncover their Culture Add™ and launch profitable products online. I’m the creator of #CourseFromScratch, an 8-week online intensive that helps people create & launch their profitable & poppin’ online courses. 
I’ve been an online marketer in Silicon Valley for almost 10 years and helped personal brands & influencers including Guy Kawasaki earn collectively millions of dollars by launching their online courses. 
  • Course Launch Coach & Educator at Udemy from 2012-2015, I helped thousands of people launch their first courses through a 1:1 course launch coaching program I created & the official "How to Market Your Udemy Course" 
  •  Created online courses that have over 50,000 people enrolled around the world
  •  Run a boutique consultancy where I’ve worked with Ford, Travel Noire, Blavity, 21Ninety, Sean Anderson Foundation, Kapor Center, CODE2040, & more
  •  Speaker at 21Ninety’s EmpowerHER Conference, Black & Brown Founder’s Conference, Onyx Online Wealth Summit, VentureFWD, & more
  •  In 2010, I co-founded my first startup, raised a round of funding, & completed an accelerator program
As a Black woman in tech, I’ve landed dream jobs, negotiated salary increases, and consulted big name tech companies. How? What makes you different is your greatest asset. You are a Culture Add™, and I’m here to help you uncover, articulate, and package your Culture Add™ into an online course so you can share it with the world.
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Have you been “on the verge of” or “about to” launch your blog, course, or business for far too long? 

I’ve been there. And let me tell you… Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed. You wanna know what it is? Okay, here goes...

The success of your launch is not personal—it’s math. Either you have the numbers, or you need to get the numbers. It’s that simple. 

That’s how I went from $1,000 course launch to a $20,000 launch to a $40,000 launch and so on… 

Worried about your course flopping? Watch my #CourseFromScratch class (below) to see how your fears around time, tech, and getting traction are standing in your way. I break down how using my simple ESCAPE Formula can help you guarantee a $10,000 or more launch.

I’ll walk you through how to create your course content in just 1 day (really!)
See exactly how to setup your course platform in 5 minutes and for $0
Learn the simple steps to guarantee your $10,000 or more course launch 
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Want my help creating or launching your online course or digital product? I work 1:1 with 3 clients each month. 
Past company clients include Ford, Travel Noire, Blavity, Sean Anderson Foundation, Kapor Center, & CODE2040. 

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“I've been working with Danielle since the start of Travel Noire, and she’s in part the reason we've been able to quadruple our conversions. Her guidance has resulted in five figure launches. If you're serious about making an impact, Danielle is your go to girl.” 

- Zim Ugochukwu, Founder of Travel Noire, Recipient of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 
"With Danielle’s help, I sold out my first program and set up my course platform in a weekend. In just 2 months, I booked over $20,000 in course sales by promoting to my Instagram followers.

- Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Dixon, Host of The Startup Couch, Forbes 30 Under 30
“I reached out to Danielle to help us with the launch strategy for our new products. Not only did she help us determine the best strategy and approach, she helped us determine what key metrics to focus on to drive the greatest results.” 

- Ngozi Opara, Founder & CEO of Heatfree Hair
“Danielle knows better than anyone how to drive customer engagement with content. She helped us grow subscriptions massively to our online course and will undoubtedly be able to help you grow your sales!"

- Jaime Brodie, Founder of Cosmic Kids Yoga
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